Women at the Willacy Facility Put the Puzzle Pieces of their life together during special event

The Willacy County Regional Detention Facility, in Raymondville, Texas recently held a Puzzle Piece Ceremony.

“This is a meaningful event,” introduced academic instructor Lorena Hernandez, “for the female population in our facility.  Each puzzle piece represents a story of why they are here, what they are learning, and their plans for life upon release.”

The puzzle pieces made by the women and introduced at the event are placed one at a time on the wall by the individuals who made them, forming a massive collection of connected pieces.  Ms. Hernandez explains the meaning.

“As the puzzle piece connects, it’s a representation of how we are all connected in some way and that our decisions not only affect us but others around us. Each puzzle piece contributes into an inspiring, multi-cultural, ever-changing picture that represents Willacy County Regional Detention Facility and its gender responsive practices.”

Detainee Erica Rinconcillo introduced her puzzle piece that she named ‘My Life After the Storm’. 

“Because this is my storm,” she explained, “I’m like a ship that went out to sea, got lost out there; but soon I will find this lighthouse and find the light to find my path back home.”

About Willacy County Regional Detention Facility

Willacy County Regional Detention Facility is accredited by the American Correctional
Association—achieving over 100% compliance for mandatory standards in its most
recent audit. Other accreditations and certifications include the National Commission on
Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).