Detainee Thanks Staff at Imperial for Their Support of His Religious Beliefs

A detainee at MTC’s Imperial Regional Detention Facility recently sent a letter of appreciation to Food Services Manager Pedro Carreon to thank him for his help during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year during which strict fasting is observed with only pre-dawn and sunset meals.

Mohammed Ali wrote:

“I, Mohammed Ali, would like to thank you and your staff, and all your workers, for providing a great service and making my Ramadan experience at Imperial Regional Detention Facility one of the best. May God bless you all with good health, increase your wealth, increase your knowledge and wisdom, and give you strength to continue helping and blessing other people with your greatness. Thank you. Please share the message with all your staff and workers that we appreciate them and their hard work so much. Thank you and God bless you all.”

In response, Mr. Carreon thanked Mr. Ali for his kind words and assured him that he and his staff are “always willing and ready to serve and treat people with respect.”