BIONIC in Action at the Otero County Processing Center

Video Recorded Prior to COVID-19 Pandemic

Staff members of the Otero County Processing Center recently talked about what MTC’s Believe it or Not I Care (BIONIC) philosophy means to them:

Lieutenant Jared Baker: “I thought it was a very interesting philosophy. I haven’t heard it in any other company before. And it seems like something the company really believes in.”

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Otero County Processing Center

Sergeant Saul Guillen: “BIONIC, it was the first time I heard of the BIONIC philosophy. At first, I thought it was just a saying, but as I started working for MTC, I found out it was really a philosophy that was practiced on a daily basis; not only among staff, but toward detainees as well.”

Lieutenant Jared Baker: “Taking that extra time to try to make sure the detainees have everything they need; make sure you help out the other departments when they are short or if they need any other kind of help also; just going that extra mile.”

Officer Jason Stepp: “Everyone has a bad day, it’s being there if they need to talk, if they did not bring lunch, having snacks available, having drinks available. Anything that helps the day go by smoother.”

Officer Kevin Lee: “It is definitely a culture thing. Believe It or Not I Care – it is what everybody is going to do. Whether you are upset, whether you’re happy, you still got to make it through.”

Officer Jason Stepp: “BIONIC means that at all times we are doing the best for everybody, not only other staff members but also the detainees and anyone that happens to come into contact with us.”

“By going out of your way to make sure they are getting what they need, be it hygiene or whatever they are in the need of. Say they are having trouble contacting their family, having trouble contacting their lawyer, or they have concerns about their case or other things we can lead them in the direction of finding those people.”

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Otero County Processing Center

Sergeant Saul Guillen: “With detainees, I try to guide them in the right direction if they have any problems, any questions. I try to get them all the help that I can get for them. With staff, we have our bad days, but we become a big family. We are willing to help each other out. Every morning I enjoy greeting my fellow officers. I express my appreciation to all of those who show up to work and are ready for a challenge.”

Sam Griffin is a volunteer at the facility. He’s seen the BIONIC philosophy in action.

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Otero County Processing Center

Volunteer Sam Griffin: “I think this facility here, Otero County Processing Center, building number two, I think the warden is great, deputy warden is great, everybody has treated me with the most of respect. I feel comfortable coming in even though I might look a little different with my tattoos. There is no judging, when I come here everyone is very respectful and I am really thankful for that.”

About Otero County Processing Center

The Otero County Processing Center is a dedicated detention center that provides detainees with quality medical care, legal resources and other resources.