Blankets to Keep Seniors Warm Thanks to Women at MTC’s Otero Facility

Video Shot Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

Volunteers with Adult Protective Services in the El Paso, Texas area sift through boxes of blankets made by people like Jade Laurezo who is incarcerated at MTC’s Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral, New Mexico.

The Otero County Prison Facility and Otero County Processing Center teamed up to support local seniors who may be in difficult circumstances. It was part of the 12th annual Crimes Against the Elderly Conference.

“We have so many cases where seniors just can’t afford the things we take for granted such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.”

Otero II donated hygiene products while Otero I made blankets for seniors in need.

“I’m very humbled to hear that Otero County is helping us, that the prisoners are doing this for us because again, we have lot of seniors who need these things. Winter is around the corner. It’s going to be cold outside, and they’re going to need something to keep warm. So, these blankets are a blessing from the sky, and we are able to help those seniors who need it the most.”

And in a lot of ways, the women who made the blankets needed this project just as much as the recipients.

“We’re not just looked down upon. We’re actually included in doing something and giving back to the community. And I think it’s good for us. It makes us feel better being locked up and being in prison that it makes us feel better that we’re giving back.”

“In my entire life, I never thought that I was going to be in prison or in jail. And at the same time, the way that I think about facilities like this are a lot different. Now that I’m here, it really helps me personally. Doing these, it motivates me. It kills my time, and at the same time, I am learning so I can look forward [to returning to the] outside. I can tell people I learned this from Otero.”