Government Oversight Office Declares Audit of IAH Facility “Outstanding”

Government Oversight Office Declares Audit of IAH Facility “Outstanding”

Twice a year, a team of auditors from Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Office of Detention Oversight visit MTC’s detention centers. The most recent audit was at the IAH Detention Center in Livingston, Texas.

Speaking of the random interviews done with detainees, one auditor said the feedback was really good and that detainees were overall satisfied with the services.

Facility Administrator Alex Sanchez and his management team responded to hundreds of requests from the auditors. With only a few minor findings, the facility was praised for its excellent work.

One auditor said it was a great week and told the MTC staff that they have a great facility.

The auditor that reviewed the facility’s sexual abuse and assault prevention and intervention systems, told facility leaders that the work they were doing was, “very impressive.”

Another auditor praised the facility’s healthcare staff, saying MTC Medical employees were doing “wonderful work.”

As the auditors wrapped up the meeting to discuss the preliminary findings, one said it was an “outstanding” review adding IAH has a great program and staff.

Warden Sanchez wrapped up by saying “I’m just blessed to have the staff that I have.”