IAH Staff Provide Relief to People Impacted by Recent Tornado

IAH Staff Provide Relief to People Impacted by Recent Tornado

The IAH Secure Adult Detention Facility in Livingston, TX held a drive to collect personal care/hygiene items for people affected by the tornado that hit in Onalaska, TX in mid-April. The tornado left significant damage, downing trees and power poles and destroying multi-level homes.

IAH staff collected items to send to families who were displaced by the storms and were sleeping at local churches and shelters.  Employees shared their feelings about being involved in the relief drive.

Courtesy: Houston Chronicle


Dendra Butler

We knew some people were having hard times getting supplies for themselves with the COVID-19 Pandemic going on, but we are grateful for those who were able to give in this time of need to the families who have lost everything. It’s a great feeling to know what we can come together as a family and help out those who are in need. The heart that was shown here by the MTC-IAH Family to help speaks volumes about what our company stands for.


Rebecca Chandler

My mother lives in Youpon Cove, Onalaska, Texas. Her entire neighborhood was affected by the recent tornado that shook the whole area. So many of her neighbors and friends lost their homes and all their belongings. As an employee of MTC, I was touched by the heartfelt need to give that was expressed by the donations given to my mother’s town. Many times we can stand back watching and knowing there is a need, but stepping up in any way to help speaks magnitudes for the type of people working at MTC-IAH. I am so proud to work alongside people that step up and rise to the need of others.


Barabara McAdams

The Onalaska Tornado shocked all and devastated many in our community. I am so proud that I work for a company with people who believe in extending a helping hand. In the past, we have had food drives for local food pantries and contributed supplies for those with special needs at the Nixon Adult Center. I knew we would soon have a way to help out once again. Thank you MTC employees for contributing to our community.

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