New Parenting Class at IAH Detention Center

At the IAH Detention Center, in Livingston, Texas, Warden Alex Sanchez and his staff strive to meet the needs of all the detainees within their care. Recently, a detainee, Dustin Blasdell, approached the warden with a need to receive a parenting class that was not offered at the time. He recently wished to relate what happened when he made his request.

“I had requested to the warden and asked about the parenting class, and if there was any way for me to take it. The warden, with the help of the recreational supervisor and Ms. Dawson, made it possible.”

IAH Parenting Class Dustin asked Warden Still
Dustin Blasdell, IAH Detention Center

By making the class available to Mr. Blasdell and the other detainees, the facility showed its commitment to an MTC BIONIC culture, giving hope to those who attended the class and received the certificate of completion. Mr. Blasdell expressed his appreciation.

“It was nice. It’s hard to accomplish anything in the world, being incarcerated. So, to be able to make something happen like that, it was pretty nice.”

Residents take parenting Class at IAH Detention Centers
IAH Detention Center

“I’d like to thank the recreational supervisor, Mr. Payne, Ms. Dawson, in the law library, and the warden for everything that they did. I know it was – they really went out of the way to make it happen. I want to especially thank the warden because since he’s got here, there’s been a lot of things that he has gone out of his way to change here at the IAH. I just want to say a special thanks for that.”