Otero County Processing Staff Provide Help to Local Shelter During Challenging Times

An El Paso, Texas homeless shelter, called Opportunity Center, is struggling to take care of the added community needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Out of necessity, they had to expand to two shelters and were without adequate bedding. Knowing of the shelter’s challenge, the Otero County Processing Center recently made a donation.

Cesar Gomez is the assistant warden. “We’re very, very glad to hear that there were a couple of organizations out there requesting such materials,” he says, “and we’re very, very proud to be able to assist them in that manner.”

“They’ll be a lot of help,” says Alejandro Urbina of the Opportunity Center, “especially the new shelter we have on Delta right now. They’re sleeping on cots right now.”

“It’s an honor to be able to help and assist people that are in need,” explains Assistant Warden Gomez. “I know there are a lot of homeless people, and I know we can only survive if organizations like ours can assist in any manner. In this case, we were able to help them out with blankets and pillows. If I can do anything else to assist the community, and if I have such materials to share with other people, we will be more than glad to continue doing what we are doing.”

About Otero County Processing Center

The Otero County Processing Center is a dedicated detention center that provides detainees with quality medical care, legal resources and other resources.