“The Programs Here are Great” Says Local College Leader after Tour of Imperial Facility

Representatives of the Imperial Valle College (IVC) recently toured MTC’s Imperial Regional Detention Facility in Calexico, CA. The facility is a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. The following are reactions of two visitors who participated in the tour:

Martha Garcia – IVC Superintendent/President

“I am extremely impressed with the facility, the cleanliness and the commitment to serve those that are detained here and empower them to learn skills that they potentially did not have before they came here.”

Jeffery Enz – IVC Chief Technology Officer

“The programs here are great. They offer the detainees all the things necessary to better themselves, to work on personal improvement. They’re very modern and very helpful.”

Martha Garcia

“Specifically coming from an institution of higher education, it is definitely impressive that they’re able to offer an array of programs that focus on supporting the detainees…I’ve had the opportunity to tour, to attend state prisons and county jails and in comparison to other facilities, this is a very different set up and it’s extremely, extremely clean…I would definitely, definitely recommend employment to students. This is a great opportunity for them to obtain high wage employment within Imperial County.”

About Imperial Regional Detention Facility

Imperial Regional Detention Facility is accredited by the American Correctional
Association—achieving over 99% compliance for both mandatory and non-mandatory
standards in its most recent audit. Other accreditations and certifications include the
National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC).