Volunteer Brings Services to Men at the IAH Detention Center

Volunteer Brings Services to Men at the IAH Detention Center

At MTC’s IAH Detention Center in Livingston, Texas, the majority of the men are Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees. A very small part of the population are detainees with the United States Marshall Service (USMS). However, it was a population that IAH Chaplain Jerry Owens didn’t feel like was being served as well as they could be in meeting their unique faith-based needs. So, Chaplain Owens went in search of a volunteer to help out. He found a very willing heart to serve in David Brown, a local community member.

“I approached David Brown,” explains Chaplain Owens, “because we had so many volunteers that offered services for the ICE detainees here at the IAH facility, I wanted someone to offer services for the USMS detainees, and Mr. Brown was more than willing to offer services. And, as an added bonus, he was able to offer services in English and Spanish.”

Mr. Brown comes to the facility once a week to offer a Bible study class to the USM detainees.  He’s been volunteering for a couple of years now.

“I feel as though it’s a privilege for MTC to allow me to come into the IAH facility and offer my teachings about the Bible,” Mr. Brown says. “My hope is that they take what I teach during my services and use them once they are released back into society.”

Mr. Brown goes on to say he is very impressed with the staff at the facility, and that he always feels welcomed, the staff never giving him any problems.

“The detainees here seem to be treated well,” he adds.  “The staff are attentive to the needs of visitors and detainees.”

MTC is deeply grateful to not only David Brown, but all of the volunteers at IAH and every other facility we operate. They are a critical part of maintaining a safe and secure facility, as their efforts strongly contribute to a sense of care and stability inside the facility. Additionally, volunteers help meet the needs of incarcerated people connecting to the outside world, and developing skills and acquiring tools to increase their chances of success after release.