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Education & Training: Training America’s Youth

Preparing America’s youth for successful careers

MTC makes a social impact in Education & Training by providing hundreds of thousands of young adults quality education and career training so they can be successful in the job market. As these young people gain the skills they need to support themselves and their families—they become contributing, tax-paying members of society.

“I came to Job Corps, and I realized that I can do so much more with myself with the skills that I’m obtaining here.” ~ Joel Corbo – Edison Job Corps student

Training Job Corps students since 1981

Since 1981, MTC has been teaching and training young Americans to be prepared for the workforce. This intense and highly-successful training is done through the Department of Labor’s Job Corps program. MTC trained 11,322 students in 2018.

The MTC Impact in 2018

  • 8,204 students placed in quality jobs, higher education, or the military
  • 12,960 primary industry-recognized credentials earned by students at MTC Job Corps centers
  • 7,083 students earned their high school diploma/equivalency or completed a technical training program in a high-growth industry
  • MTC has full management duties at 16 Job Corps centers nationwide
  • MTC provides subcontracted management duties at 7 Job Corps centers
  • MTC provides outreach & admissions (OA) at 14 centers & Career Transition Services (CTS) at 16 centers

“The opportunity to attend Job Corps leaves me peacefully assured I won’t have to worry about my future as I have so many different fields of work to choose from.” ~ Ryan Wagner, MTC Job Corps Student

Job Corps Center Locations & Overviews

Click on the center name for a detailed overview sheet for each center.

Arizona: *Phoenix (353)

California: Los Angeles (614)

Connecticut: Hartford (270)

Delaware: Wilmington (153)

GeorgiaBrunswick (315)
Turner (732)

Hawaii: Hawaii/Maui (339)

Illinois: *Paul Simon Chicago (338)

Indiana: Atterbury/IndyPendence (510)

Kansas: *Flint Hills (217)

Kentucky: Earle C. Clements (1,022)

Massachusetts: *Shriver (300)
*Westover (437)

Minnesota: Hubert H. Humphrey (264)

Nevada: Sierra Nevada (509)

New Jersey: Edison (417)

New York: South Bronx (250)
Brooklyn (145)

Ohio: *Cincinnati (202)

Oregon: Tongue Point (473)  *Springdale/PIVOT (169)

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (319)

Utah: Clearfield (1,002)

Wyoming: Wind River (300)

*subcontracted center