Welcome to the Arizona State Prison facility-Marana. We want to make your visits and involvement in your loved one’s life as simple and clear as possible.  Meet the warden/facility director and get details about the Arizona State Prison-Marana facility which is operated by Management & Training Corporation (MTC) for the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC).


Coronavirus Information

MTC is closely following any developments in the coronavirus situation that might impact the people we serve at this facility. The safety of our staff and those in our care is top priority. We also want to protect those who visit the facility.


We encourage all visitors to wash their hands prior to entering the facility and after they leave. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) says frequent hand washing can reduce exposure to and prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. The CDC also recommends:

  • Staying home if you have flu-like symptoms
  • Avoiding contact with people who are sick
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth


For a more complete list of recommendations and to get the latest on the coronavirus, click here to visit the CDC website.

Warden Jeremy Casey

Warden Jeremy Casey

Welcome to the Arizona State Prison-Marana. We operate this facility for the Arizona Department of Corrections. I’m privileged to be the warden of this great facility. We have an exceptional team that is dedicated to providing an impact in your loved one’s life. My team will do everything within our power to provide the tools to be successful and encourage your family member or friend to make good choices that will ultimately benefit them when they’re released. Thank you.

Arizona State Prison – Marana

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