Welcome to the Sanders Estes Unit.  We want to make your visits and involvement in your loved one’s life as simple and clear as possible.  Meet the warden/facility director and get details about the facility which is operated by Management & Training Corporation (MTC) for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Warden Randy Treon

Warden Randy Treon

Welcome to the Sanders Estes Unit. We are a minimum custody facility housing offenders from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I’m Warden Robert “Randy” Treon. I have the privilege of working with outstanding corrections staff who are dedicated to managing this facility in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing quality programming, delivered in a positive environment, designed to inspire real change for the men involved. We realize how important family and friends are in this process. Please click on the links on this webpage to learn more about this facility and how you can get involved. Thank you.

Sanders Estes Unit

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