Father at East Mississippi Facility Calls Day with Dad Event a “Smashing Success”

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“We’ve had an event here at the facility called ‘A Day with My Dad’,” says Brad Allen who is incarcerated at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility (EMCF) in Meridian, Mississippi.

“And it was a very, very special day. Everybody just had a wonderful time. There were games played, and there was wonderful time spent with our children. [We did this] in a way where we didn’t have to just sit and just talk, where we could actually have activities. We played games, and we ate good food, and we were just so pleased with the way things turned out.”

Demetrius Thomas is also a father incarcerated at the facility. “I’m glad that these people gave us a chance to do things in a positive way for our family and our friends,” says Demetrius. “I really do appreciate everything that they did for us. I’m just glad to be here today, glad to see [my daughter] and spending time with her, making a better bond between the both of us.”

“I wanna say thank you to the warden and the staff here at East Mississippi for giving us this offer…it was a smashing success,” Brad expresses. 

Demetrius also feels such gratitude. “I really do thank EMCF, and I thank you all for everything that you all are doing for us.”