“Most Importantly, They Treat us with Respect” Says one Man at the Imperial Facility

Aren Keshishian-Aznavoleh is assigned to MTC’s Imperial Regional Detention Facility in Calexico, California. He recently sent a letter to Warden John Rathman expressing gratitude for his staff.

“I have had the pleasure to benefit from outstanding performance of some staff for the past nine months,” says Aren.

“[They] have proven and shown the ability to effectively function and perform the job duties in the highest level expected. These benevolent staff have proven to be extremely knowledgeable and consistent in their position.”

He goes on to say, “they have carried themselves in such a professional way that it has earned them the respect of their co-workers and detainees.”

Listing 35 staff members whom he has had the opportunity to work with while staying at the facility, Aren speaks to their job devotion.

“Every day these meritorious individuals come to work demonstrating their professionalism which is a testament to their dedication and amazing performance.  Every one of these individuals has gone above and beyond their job duty to provide a safe and secure environment for the detainees, and most importantly, to treat them with respect.”