NEWS: Hundreds march for peace in Albany (VIDEO)





By Amanda Hoskins, Reporter


Close to 500 students and faculty at Turner Job Corps in Albany took to the streets in what they are calling a Peace Walk.

“We’re working to bring peace and make this campus better,” said Vincent Little, a student at the center.

The group walked for six miles down Turner Field Road and Cordell Avenue.

It was part of their week-long ‘Youth to Youth Partners for Peace’ program.

All job corps centers around the country have been working to speak out against violence on the streets.

“We’re going to voice that we want peace in the streets in Albany, Georgia and across the United States,” exclaimed the Turner Job Corps center director William Coleman III.

Coleman said he’s pleased with how the students are responding.

“I’m really proud of our staff and students,” explained Coleman. “We are going to continue beyond today to make sure we have a violent free campus.”

Earlier this week, the center had a luncheon to talk about ways to promote peace.

They also played kickball against members of the Albany Police department.

Students said they enjoyed the events this week.

“That’s really what it’s about, bringing everybody together so we can stop the violence,” said Little.