NEWS: Letter: Otero County Facilities Well Run

NEWS: Letter: Otero County Facilities Well Run





By John B. Colquitt, Chaparral, Business Leader


I have had the opportunity to work with and be involved with the Otero County Prison Facility and the Otero County Processing Center for about 15 years.

These two private facilities are very well run. They are clean, neat and orderly. They do a great job of housing, feeding, educating, counseling and providing health care for the detainees. This is done at a very reasonable cost to various law enforcement agencies that use these facilities.

There have been a few reports in the news about detainees who have complained about one issue or another, but none of this has been substantiated. Yet the media writes and prints articles that paint a very dark and incorrect picture of how these facilities operate and treat the detainees.

It is sad to see such well-run facilities so maligned by misinformation.