Inmates and staff at Parklea Correctional Centre have raised $1,000 for the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc).

Donations were made by inmates from their own money and from sales of wooden toys and other items made by the inmates working in the woodworking shop at the gaol. MTC-Broadspectrum, which operates Parklea Correctional Centre on behalf of Corrective Services New South Wales, also contributed to the donation.




“On behalf of WIRES, a huge thank you for your generous donation and for your support of our native animals during these devastating bushfires and ongoing drought. We have been overwhelmed and very touched by the concern being shown for our wildlife both locally and from around the globe. Our 2,600 volunteers are doing a tremendous job of saving every joey and fire-affected animal possible and your efforts in raising funds for this cause are greatly appreciated”, said WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor.




The idea of enabling inmates to make donations came from staff at the Centre and was embraced by inmates. Staff facilitated the sale of the wooden items, which were made from reclaimed and recycled wood.

“Like people around Australia and around the world, we are incredibly saddened by the lives lost in the bushfires and their devastating effects on wildlife, livelihood and property. We’re grateful for organisations like the RFS and WIRES that are working on the front lines. The fire season isn’t over and there is a long recovery ahead,” said Paul Baker, Governor of Parklea Correctional Centre. “We simply want to help.”