16 Year Old in Egypt on Path to Becoming Teacher Thanks to MTC

16 Year Old in Egypt on Path to Becoming Teacher Thanks to MTC

As part of the Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement project in Egypt, MTC, with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is helping thousands of young people in Egypt succeed in life. One of those individuals is 16 year old Islam Ashraf from Ismailia, Egypt.

Islam grew up in a home where education was not a priority.

“I am so sad. My colleagues are well-educated; yet I am illiterate. I do not even know how to write my name. My parents are poor; therefore, they cannot afford to pay for private lessons and feel indifferent about education,” Islam said.

Islam dreamed about going to college, but her grades didn’t make the cut. Instead, she enrolled in an industrial school. She lost interest and felt disengaged.

But then she discovered the Career Guidance and Counseling Sessions funded by USAID within the technical school she attends. The program benefits from technical assistance and training from MTC.  The program helps young Egyptians improve their technical, practical, entrepreneurial, innovation, and work readiness skills—preparing them to succeed in the job market.

It took a little while, but with the encouragement of her facilitator and colleagues, she started making progress. After 17 sessions of guidance and coaching, Islam was able to write and read and her grades excelled. Her self-esteem also skyrocketed. She became well-spoken and courageous.

“I am so grateful to the coaching program. I never thought I could stand or speak in the school groups and write my name. I can even go to a University after I finish the school. I will join the Industrial Technical Institute and then join the faculty to become a teacher and pursue my goal to teach.”