Celebrating Peace at the Gary Job Corps Center

Gary Job Corps students warmed up for their Youth2Youth:Partners4Peace march in downtown San Marcos, Texas.

The group was welcomed by Gary Job Corps Business & Community Liaison Randolph Goodman.

“Good morning. Thank you guys so much for being here.”

It was a community event involving city and county leaders, community organizations, and law enforcement.

“Today we attended the Y2Y peace march. We assisted in the march by escorting the group from MLK over to the Hays County Courthouse,” said Sergeant Allen Bridges of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office.

Students held up signs and chanted messages of peace.

San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero read a proclamation from the city recognizing the contributions of Job Corps and emphasizing the need for peace.

“So I encourage you throughout this day as you’re conveying your message of peace and encouraging others to stop bullying and violence, share a smile. Share a hug. Share a handshake. Share kindness to other people,” said Mayor Guerrero.

Lead Pastor of Eikon Church Dan Matlock talked about the great impact the event had in his life.

“Today was an incredible day as we marched through the city. I was so impressed by the young people’s enthusiasm and hope for our community. We love Gary Job Corps and what they’re doing in our community as well as what they’re doing for our community. And that’s why we want to support Gary Job Corps in every way we can.”

Center Director Lonnie Hall addressed the group.

“Today we come not only walking for peace and standing up and standing against violence, we come to let the world know that in San Marcos, we are a unified community. If peace is to be, it’s left up to me. It’s left up to you. It’s left up to each and everyone one of us to do our part.”

Students, staff, and community partners were inspired by the peace march and left feeling a sense of personal responsibility to make the world a little better.

Center Director Lonnie Hall reminded the crowd of the power each individual holds in making a difference.

“If it is to be, it’s left up to who? Me. Me. Let’s do our part. God Bless you.”