A Cincinnati Job Corps Student is Preparing for His New Career at Midas

“It is fun to get out of the classroom and get work-based learning,” says Michael Walker speaking about his internship at Midas. “It’s a great opportunity because you get that experience that you can’t get in a classroom.” 

Michael spends three days a week at this Midas shop in Cincinnati. It’s part of his training at the Cincinnati Job Corps Center where he’s studying to become an auto technician. At Midas, Michael gets to do a lot of different things. 

“Oil changes. Any tire work, like tire rotations, tire repair.” 

He says this opportunity is getting him ready for the real world. 

“You get to work with customers and work with people’s cars and actually get to help with Midas employees. You get to really experience the real-time workshop activities.”

Lead Technician Cody Willis is impressed with Michael. 

“I talk to Michael all the time. He always asks real good questions. He’s a real bright kid.”

Midas appreciates its relationship with Job Corps. Assistant Manager Tim Meyer says they’re always looking for good technicians.

“At this time, it’s really kind of hard to find employees,” Tim explains.

And young, talented people like Michael are a perfect fit.

“He’s got a real good work ethic, you know?” says Cody. “He pays attention to everything. He’s not forgetful. We’ve been teaching him the processes, and he seems to be picking up on that real well. And I think he’s got a real bright future.”

Tim says employers need Job Corps to provide the workforce with qualified staff.

“For Job Corps, I like the program, and I wish it continues. It’s just a benefit for us as a company and for the students who are willing to learn.”

Michael says Cincinnati Job Corps is just what he needed in his life.

“Job Corps is good because the training that you get there, you won’t find any other place that has that type of training…I am proud of myself because I have achieved so much.”