A Global Technology Company Flies Clearfield Job Corps Student Across Country for Interview

Devon Decker is a student at Davis Technical College in Utah. He’s studying composite materials technology. Devon is first and foremost a student at Clearfield Job Corps, and a partnership between the Job Corps center and college makes it possible for Devon to advance in his new career.

Wes Hobbs is Devon’s instructor at Davis Technical College.

“He’s just been a wonderful student since he got here,” says Wes. “He learned all the skills. He does great work.”

But there’s more than just Devon’s technical skills. He also learned valuable communications and other workplace skills at Job Corps that have given him the edge.

“Somebody you want to work with,” adds Wes. “Someone you’d like to be around on a daily basis. And I think that is what has made him stand out that’s why Lockheed Martin is wanting him so bad.”

That’s right, global technologies company Lockheed Martin came knocking on Devon’s door after they toured Davis Technical College. Wes told Lockheed Martin Devon was a top student.

“I told them that he was a rock star and contacted the guy over the facility that came out here and said, ‘You really need to check this guy out.’”

So, Lockheed Martin flew Devon to Orlando, Florida for an interview. It was quite the experience for Devon.

“Going to the Lockheed Martin center, it was like a dream come true.”

Especially, Devon says, for a young man facing serious challenges growing up in a rough neighborhood in East Denver, Colorado. Soon after the interview, Lockheed Martin offered him a full-time job with a $6,500 signing bonus.

“I just didn’t believe it because where I’m coming from, like I told you, it’s unheard of for a kid from the East side [of Denver].”

“He’ll be working at a professional job making really good money,” says Wes, “but he can also continue his education too and it won’t have to cost him anything.”

Lockheed Martin will pay for Devon’s continued education. Devon wants to an earn a degree in engineering, and Lockheed Martin will reimburse him for his college studies.

Devon has left his mark on Davis Technical College. He was a finalist in the college’s student of the year competition. He also spoke at the college’s graduation and was even featured on their annual report. His college instructor credits much of his success to the Job Corps program.

“This would have never happened,” says Wes, “if it wasn’t for Job Corps.”

Devon couldn’t agree more.

“Job Corps has been the foundation for everything,” adds Devon. “My mom is very proud. She tells me every day now.”