A Great Partnership in Chicago Helps Prepare Young People for Success

A power packed partnership at the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center.

Still Ronald Hearns
Ronald Hearns

“It’s a win-win because what you really have is two organizations trying to place the young people into opportunities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.”

Ronald Hearns is with an organization that subcontracts with Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. What do they do?

“Job readiness training, job placement and training and technical training in primarily six areas that are funded for training.”

Still Ronald Hearns
Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center

Those areas are: manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, transportation distribution logistics, business and professional services, and construction. Sounds a lot like Job Corps, doesn’t it? It’s not Job Corps, but it’s similar. And together, this partnership makes a difference. Chicago Job Corps places students at the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership as interns.

“So, it’s a perfect marriage made in heaven under the Department of Labor that allows us to build upon the skills they pick up at the Paul Simon Job Corps Center and actually provide some additional skills; advanced training.”

Still Ronald Hearns
Chicago Job Corps Intern

Not only do they help train Job Corps students, the also help them find good jobs.

“We love working with the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps students because what happens is we know they’ve received foundational training, and they come to us, and we can supplement that training with six weeks of additional real work, hands-on training and then help them become placed in that field.”

Students benefit and so does the Chicago workforce organization. Ronald is sold on the Chicago Job Corps Center.

Still Ronald Hearns
Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center

“I think Job Corps is the best thing since sliced bread. I think they do a great tribute to your young people. If anyone has the chance, they need to visit the Paul Simon center.”