“A New Life After Job Corps”

“A New Life After Job Corps”

For Morgan Hall—who was homeless—Job Corps was the ticket to self-sufficiency and a new life. Although Morgan was living in Longview, Texas, she says “home” was anywhere she could close her eyes. She learned about Job Corps and enrolled at MTC’s Clearfield center in Utah. She says the first few nights, she cried herself to sleep with joy because, “I finally had a bed.”

Job Corps provided Morgan with an education and excellent technical training. She became the first female foreman in the center’s plumbing trade and only the third female to complete the program in the past decade. She’s now off to advanced training at the Edison Job Corps Center.

Morgan spoke at her graduation ceremony. She told the crowd of parents, friends, and loved ones,

“Job Corps staff are committed to helping us learn the criteria and shape our attitudes to successfully approach a new life after Job Corps.”