A Partnership With Local Technical College Gives Turner Job Corps Students Advantage

Dr. Anthony Parker skits down with Turner Job Corps Center Director Will Coleman to talk education—something Dr. Parker knows very well having served as president of Albany Technical College in Georgia for the past 23 years.

“Our mission is to provide technically educated graduates for employers in a seven-county region of Southwest Georgia.”

Turner Job Corps has a similar mission, and that’s why the two organizations have teamed. Some Job Corps students also study at Albany Technical College to enhance their training.

“We’re glad to serve them. We’re honored that they’re our students. We have about 3,000 students. They’ve always been a good part of what we do.”

Dr. Parker says their joint mission to train and employ young people is valuable to society.

“There is a certain amount of dignity in work…They pay taxes to get jobs with health insurance. They participate in the community more. They are likely to be participants in their children’s education…So, an individual that works and especially an individual who has a good job can buy durable goods and is likely to buy a home and do the kinds of things that we want to see more citizens do, so that we can all be better off.”