A Second Chance is What he Needed and Turner Job Corps was Just the Place

Meet Demar Walker, a student at the Turner Job Corps Center in Albany, Georgia.

“I love doing it. It’s what I grew up doing.”

Demar is passionate about his new career…landscaping.

“He is very good,” says instructor Jean Williams, “at just about anything he puts his hands on.”

“He’s dependable. He’s honest. He’s got integrity.”

But that hasn’t always been the case. Demar says he had a tough home life and wasn’t on the right path.

“Back home, I don’t have too much support. I came on my own, so I don’t have too much support…I used to be a bad child, so I made a decision to do better in my life while I’ve got a chance.”

And Job Corps gave him that chance. He has about eight months left at Turner and then on to advanced training. Job Corps has also taught Demar leadership skills. He’s the president of the student government association.

“It’s a second opportunity for doing something better for yourself,” Demar adds, “a second chance.”

Demar says if young people are committed, Job Corps can steer them to a much brighter future.

“You get tired doing the same circle, same routine every day; not having money, not being on your own. So, you just make the decision to come to Job Corps and try and do things on your own and do better; have your own money, have your own, license, everything so you don’t have to depend on people. That’s what I came here for.”