Advanced Auto Training at Clearfield Job Corps Spells Success for this Student


You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Colton Boeger has his heart set on being the best auto technician he can be. 

“I heard of Clearfield Job Corps. And Clearfield Job Corps has an amazing program with Toyota and diesel. So, I decided to come out here and try to better myself and get some more certifications.”

He came to the right spot. Clearfield Job Corps’ advanced auto program in Utah which is run by United Automobile Workers union or UAW is second to none. 

“The technology that goes into our vehicles is impressive,” says Colton. “It really opens your eyes to how much technology affects us every day. And getting into a car and turning it on requires a lot of steps.” 

In today’s world, becoming an auto technician is akin to becoming a computer technician. 

“They come in with minimal skill sets,” says UAW Instructor Sal Gutierrez, “but when they’re leaving, they’re confident.”

Gutierrez adds these young Job Corps students will go far in the business.

 “There’s a lot of math,” explains Colton who’s working hard to complete the program at Clearfield Job Corps. “There’s a lot of reading, a lot of comprehending that you need to do. There’s a lot of information that they drilled into our heads. And it’s now second nature to me.”

 The auto program here is in partnership with Toyota which provides students with a unique training experience called T-TEN. T-TEN is offered at trade schools and colleges around the country. And guess what? Clearfield Job Corps is the top T-TEN school in the nation. 

“When I got here,” says Colton, “I wasn’t sure I was going to go all the way through with the program. I just thought I would come and see how it was.” 

But he soon got hooked. 

“You get engrossed in your work, where you’re enjoying it. You’re really thinking hard. And it’s just very rewarding when you get to fix it. And you ship it off to your customer. And they’re happy, and you’re happy.”

“He can go anywhere with what he’s got,” says his instructor. “He’s prepared. He has the basic knowledge, the basic attitude and a willingness to expand upon that.” 

“The amount of information you get,” says Colton, the amount of knowledge you get to draw from is absolutely unbeatable. The teachers here, they’re rocket scientists when it comes to their trade.”