All Aboard: Shirley’s Story Of Determination

Shirley Hull works for Metrolink commuter rail system in Southern California. She’s been there for over four years, helping customers in Los Angeles. Helping is really what Shirley loves most about her job.

“It’s helping others,” Shirley said about what drives her. “It’s part of life, my life.”

Stills Shirley
Shirley Hull, LA JC graduate

Let’s jump back a little bit in Shirley’s life, she didn’t finish high school.

“The path to success requires a high school diploma most of the time,” Shirley indicated. Knowing she needed to find her path, Shirley joined Job Corps in Los Angeles. “I knew what route I wanted to take. And in order to take that route, those were the things I had to do.”

And she did. A high school diploma and she completed two training programs. One of those programs, the Transportation and communication union training, helped her get hired by Metrolink.

“Taking the TCU training really gave me the opportunity because I got that job I wanted.” Shirley took the job at Metrolink but received four job offers after graduation.

“I’m happy here with Metrolink. I really love this company. And I look forward to staying with them for quite a while,” Shirley said.

Shirley’s supervisor at Metrolink, Ivan Chavaz praised her, saying, “Shirley is an exceptional worker she started off as an ambassador from Job Corps, and throughout (her time with us) she developed excellent communications skills and good organizational skills.”

Given her success, what does Shirley think of Job Corps? “It’s a really good program,” Shirley stated. “They offer the same trades that a college will. They offer housing if you need to move closer to the campus. I feel like it’s a really good program.”

Stills Shirley
Shirley Hull, LA JC graduate