An Internship in a Congressional Office Puts this LA Student on the Path to Success

Vincent Ferdin works in the district office of Congressman Jimmy Gomez in Los Angeles as part of a congressional internship. He’s a student at MTC’s Los Angeles Job Center where he lives. Vincent is enrolled in the center’s college program.

“I’m slated to graduate in June with my associate’s [degree],” says Vincent.

He says he confident about getting a good job in office administration which will help him achieve his next goal: attending college.

“I have found a few schools,” explains Vincent, “who are willing to transfer my credits. And, everything going well, I should be done with my bachelor’s degree in the next two years.”

Vincent actually has a lot of experience working in offices, particularly with logistics.

“But the thing that appealed to me about the congressional internship was that it interacted with people. And customer service, no matter what your position, is key. You have to have it. And, that’s something I have learned here. I’ve learned how to interact with constituents, how to listen attentively. On top of that, as an organization, I have learned how government works, what goes into legislation, what’s the research that goes behind a bill.”

Vincent says he’s very lucky to work with staff at Congressman Gomez’ office, and he acknowledges how lucky he is to have Job Corps in his life.

“It’s an excellent opportunity,” he says. “And I think that anybody with the initiative to improve themselves and is open to training and guidance—would do well”.