Believing In Yourself is Key To Job Corps Success

Job Corps provides free education and vocation training to young people 16-24. Job Corps students have a lot to say about their experiences with such a substantial opportunity for personal and career growth. Speaking of Job Corps, Skye said, “the instructors here are also great because they want to see each of us succeed.”


Lexio, Job Corps student

Raphael was impressed by the effort put forth by Job Corps instructors. “They put a lot of time into you and listen to everything you say. It’s worth it,” Raphael said.

Job Corps student Rosa explained her experience: “I feel like I was a good investment. I went somewhere. I feel like I fulfilled what I said I would fulfill to them.”

Job Corps, having a positive atmosphere matters. Ask Yaritza. “Everyone supports each other,” Yartiza said. “We’re always trying to motivate each other to do better; we’re always congratulating each other. We help each other get to where we need to be.”

For Carlos, effort determines the outcome. “This program is what you make out of it,” Carlos explained. “If you want to succeed and you’re really hungry to succeed in this program, you will do so.”
Job Corps has provided Christopher with confidence for his future. “I know I’m going to be a future leader,” Christopher said. “I’m going to make a difference in people’s lives.”
Baylynne views her Job Corps experience as life-changing. “Job Corps has made me a better person; it has given me a better outlook on life,” Baylynne said.


For Cierra, Job Corps has helped her grow in remarkable ways. “Job Corps has changed my life in making me a more responsible and all-around whole woman,” Cierra explained. ‘It has shown me that there are people who can really care about you and love you, and that has allowed me to open up and care about others.”

Cierra, Job Corps student