Brooklyn Job Corps Training Lands This Young Man in a New Career

Brooklyn Job Corps Training Lands This Young Man in a New Career

In early 2020, Jamal Divers proudly graduated from the MTC-operated Brooklyn Job Corps Center.

‘Before Job Corps,” he recalls, “I was in a stagnate state. I was trying to figure it out – what was best for me.”

A lot of young people, especially in light of today’s challenges, find themselves unsure of how to succeed in the workforce. Jamal knew he needed structure.

“I decided to join a trade school to learn a trade.” Brooklyn Job Corps trains more than 200 young people in healthcare, information technology, hospitality, and security and protective services. Jamal chose security.

He graduated with a New York security license as well as licenses in FEMA and Fire Guard. The skills he obtained landed him a job with a reputable security firm in New York City.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Brooklyn Job Corps Center and all Job Corps centers are temporarily moving to a distance-learning program that began on May 11. Job Corps centers will continue to provide academic and vocational training via this new distance-learning curriculum until further notice.

Jamal says he’s grateful he was able to attend Brooklyn Job Corps and recognizes the instructors, counselors, and others who helped him achieve his career and life goals.

“They all made a big difference in my life,” says Jamal. “Now, I’m in a better position to make my life better and take care of myself and the people I love.”