Brunswick Job Corps Graduates Take Training to Next Level

Many Job Corps graduates want to build on the excellent training they’ve received at Job Corps. To do that, students often go to college, vocational schools, or Job Corps’ advanced career vocational training. This intense training is done at an accelerated pace and provides students with more in-depth training, techniques, and credentials to make then stand out to potential employers.

We talked with a few Brunswick Job Corps graduates about Job Corps and their plans moving forward.

Moses Newton graduated from Brunswick with a certification in electrical. He then went to advanced electrical and overhead linesman training at Gary Job Corps in San Marcos, Texas.

He said, “Job Corps taught me a lot. My Mentor, Mr. Burrows, always tells me: keep your head up, keep moving straight forward and never lose focus on what you want to do in life. My plan is to come back home to Georgia and get a job with Georgia Power, and then open up my own business.”

Glennyana Mosley plans to graduate from Brunswick Job Corps soon. She’s chosen the certified nursing assistant program and plans on pursuing advanced training in New York City in the medical field.

She said, “I am in the CNA trade. I will be taking my certification in January. And, I’m really excited because this trade is going to lead me into the medical field. And, this is just the beginning. I knew as soon as I came to Job Corps that I was on a mission and that every single opportunity that’s available to me I would take full advantage. And, I feel like from the instructors, to the you know, the different opportunities here I decided to make the most of every single opportunity here. So, I have had a very positive experience.”

Dimeris Newman graduated from Brunswick with a certification in electrical. He then enrolled in the advanced electrical and overhead linesman training program at Gary Job Corps. He said he’s grateful.

“It’s been great. I mean it has its ups and downs—mostly ups. But what I mean about downs is I wanted to go home sometimes, but they taught me to be independent and how to live on my own. It made me a man.”

Julio Rodriguez recently graduated from the Brunswick center and is in advanced training in San Jose, California in a advanced transportation training program.

“I definitely was welcomed with open arms. I came here, and it’s as if these people had already known me. They treated me as if I were family. I was very welcome when I came here. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve gone to Guatemala, Belize, Germany, and I guess I really like to travel. So, I thought that if I could go somewhere where I could learn and become a more independent individual.”