Brunswick Job Corps Students Share Feelings About Program

Students at MTC’s Brunswick Job Corps Center in Georgia participated in an event to promote peace.

They wrote messages on a large piece of paper, messages like “Violence doesn’t solve problems. It just makes things worse.” and “Job Corps teaches love.”

Students say Job Corps has taught them so much more than just academics and technical training, it’s helped them to mature and become ready to be contributing members of society.


Dejour Stafford

“Job Corps really changed my life. Especially before high school, I had a really rough childhood, basically just not going to class. But this place has taught me respect, honesty, you know, integrity.”



Tanisha Baker

“Job Corps changed my life basically by me coming and wanting to get a trade and basically starting a new life, starting something fresh.”




Cody Miller

“It’s helping me get out in the world to become more employable, so when I do go out and get a job, I can present myself a little better.”




Damen Greene

“Job Corps, to me, it’s helped me to branch out a lot more often than I was able to do at home. It’s helped me find new friends, make new connections, and have a lot more opportunities than I ever thought possible.”