“Burning Man” Event Leads to On-The-Job Experience for Sierra Nevada Job Corps Students

“Burning Man” Event Leads to On-The-Job Experience for Sierra Nevada Job Corps Students

Northern Nevada employers have been offering Sierra Nevada Job Corps students excellent opportunities for paid work-based learning assignments, which gives students valuable experience.

At the 2018 Burning Man event, 70,000-plus have converged on the playa in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, using thousands of bicycles to get around and visit all the art exhibits and other attractions.

Many of the bikes were rented by Slaughter House, a local company.  The bikes took quite a beating, and that’s where Sierra Nevada Job Corps came into play.  A team of mechanically-inclined Job Corps students fixed and prepared the bikes for the next rental. Students also helped customers during the rental process.

Slaughter House owner Eli Kerr complimented their efforts, “they’re diligent, they’re work-ready, and they do a good job.  We’re lucky to have them.”

Auto student Alexander Carey really enjoyed his stay out in the desert.

“We get paid well, and the hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza Eli gets us for lunch is fantastic.  And, the people stopping here for bikes are really nice, too.  I’ve met people from all around the world.” 

At the Reno Airport, airline charter companies like Dusty Charters have taken advantage of the niche market for people wanting short 80-mile air hops from the airport to the playa. Two shifts of Job Corps students, many from the security program, were hired by Dusty Charters’ CEO Mark Resch to help check people in, weigh luggage, enter passenger data, check IDs, and carry baggage to the planes.

Resch couldn’t agree more with Eli.

“Everything has worked out.” Resch said. “The Job Corps kids have been fantastic. I am very grateful to have them. Customer service-wise, they’ve been exemplary.” 

Student Kenny Cantrell had a special background check done so he could assist passengers to the planes. “It’s hot working on the runway, but I’m from Vegas, so the heat’s no big deal. I like this job!”