Clearfield Job Corps Graduate Shares Story of Personal Success

Clearfield Job Corps Graduate Shares Story of Personal Success

Job Corps continues to change the lives of young people by providing them with the job and life skills they need to succeed.

Meet Marcus Rodgers. He first attended the North Texas Job Corps Center where he studied commercial painting. Marcus always wanted to work in the auto body collision industry; something about making a damaged vehicle look new again!

His next stop was the MTC-operated Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah. He successfully completed the auto body program, but the road wasn’t always easy.

“When I was at Job Corps,” recalls Marcus, “I dealt with homesickness. But my residential advisor, counselors, and friends helped me stay focused on my goals. They always reminded me of why I was there.”

Today, Marcus works at Wrench A Part in San Antonio, Texas. He says he’s grateful wo work with some really good people who are helping him improve his skills in the auto body field.

On a side note, Marcus just bought his first car and is working toward getting a license to operate a tow truck which will broaden his opportunities in the workforce.

Marcus shares his life’s motto: “Whatever life throws at you, you’ve got to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.” 

His favorite quote is from Biggie Smalls who said, “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”