College Was Not an Option, but it is Now Thanks to Turner Job Corps

Larry Barnes wants to go to college but doesn’t have the money.

“College is really expensive.”

He heard about Job Corps.

“Job Corps offers that free education.”

And so now Larry’s a student at the Turner Job Corps Center in Albany, Georgia. He’s studying culinary arts.

“Oh, my gosh. It opened up so many doors, from work-based learning, to being in student government, to building up my resume.”

After graduation, Larry will use his culinary arts skills to save up for college where he plans to study nutrition.

“Job Corps is helping me build my resume. They’re sending me on internships to restaurants, to help me gain that type of experience.”

While he loves it, Job Corps hasn’t been easy.

“They train you really hard and waking up really early.”

But Larry understands his hard work will pay off. It’s a principle he learned at home.

“My parents have taught me that you have to make sacrifices to get what you want. Nothing is going to come easy. And Job Corps is going to be hard and challenging because it’s an adjustment, to build you up. But to get that trade, that education, that money, you have to make sacrifices.”