College Wasn’t the Answer for this Young Man Now on His Way to a Great Career

Jon Carter helps another student at the Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey. Jon has spent the last year learning the electrical trade and earning his certifications. We happened to catch up with him on his last day before graduation.

“I’m very proud of myself,” he told us. “I came a long way, and I’m ready to get out in the field and start working.”

Jon’s instructor is also proud of him.

“Jon is a very good guy, always stays focused. He knows what he came to Job Corps for.”

Carl Rowe has been teaching the electrical program for nearly 20 years. He says when it comes to working in the electrical field, the sky is the limit.

“Once a kid is ready to work, we always have jobs available.”

For Jon, Job Corps was the right fit. Before enrolling in the program, things just weren’t clicking.

“I had my high school diploma,” Jon said, “I tried college. College didn’t work for me. I was in minimum-wage jobs. And I wasn’t satisfied with that, so I came to Job Corps.”

Now he can forget about minimum wage. He was recently hired full-time by a company in Mt. Vernon, New York to install gas and electric meters. Starting pay is $23 an hour.

“It’s been great. I’ve learned a lot. I met a lot of people who helped me on my journey.”