Congressman Recognizes Edison Job Corps Student

Congressman Recognizes Edison Job Corps Student

“So much good has come to me simply because I have worked for it. Job Corps changed my life.” A proud Cinque Roland displays an award he received from Congressman Donald Norcross of New Jersey. 

Cinque attends MTC’s Edison Job Corps Center in Edison, NJ. He received the award because of his dedication and commitment to improving his community. Not only is Cinque getting an education and career training at the Edison center—he’s also learning to be a contributing member of society.

“One day, I want to create scholarships to fund middle to lower class students. I also want to help injured student athletes that have trouble paying for college. Another goal is to donate $5,000 to my local little league football program and donate $10,000 to my local high school.”

While at Edison Job Corps, Cinque was a leader in the national Job Corps Youth2Youth: Partners4Peace initiative where he took a strong stance against violence. He also served as a community service ambassador leading and participating in several projects to benefit the community. Because of his passion for helping others, he received a special recognition from Representative Norcross’ office.

Congressman Donald Norcross

“Nothing is handed to you in life,” says Cinque as he explains what Job Corps has taught him. “I used to believe everything was so easy, but I have learned over my life and [my] Job Corps [experience] that you have to work for what you want. My goal is to better myself.”