Construction Students at South Bronx Center Explain Why Job Corps Works

“I’m tired of living job to job. I want to make sure I have a career. And, Job Corps is helping me do that.”

Twenty-year-old Christine Maldonado, who attends the South Bronx Job Corps Center in New York, wants better. She wants a good job. The same goes with fellow student Haroll Gaston.

“I came to Job Corps because I wanted to better myself and get a better job.”

These students are in the Home Builders Institute, Business and Construction Technology program and are doing very well.

“We learn electrical, plumbing, carpentry, solar panels and maintenance,” says Christine. “I’m going to get a career when I get out of here.”

And instructor Jose Teves says that’s exactly what Job Corps was created to do.

“The students that complete the trade have a bright future. They might start with a salary from 15 up to 40 dollars an hour.”

Job Corps prepares students with the skills and experience they need for careers in the building industry and in life.

Haroll believes he made a good decision.

“I have learned many things, like how to work with different types of people, how to be a leader, and like how to get dressed up to go to an interview.”

Christine also praises Job Corps. “Job Corps has helped me learn a lot. I’m getting older, and Job Corps helped me with discipline, respect, morals, and last but not least to better myself. I came to Job Corps to better my life. I knew this program was perfect to better my future.”