Earle C. Clements Job Corps Helps Victims of Deadly Tornadoes

Earle C. Clements Job Corps Helps Victims of Deadly Tornadoes

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Devastation Caused by Tornadoes

The recent string of deadly tornadoes across eight U.S. states hit Kentucky especially hard. Fortunately, the MTC-operated Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center was spared.

Job Corps Bus Full of Donations

As images of the destructive tornadoes began appearing on TV and in social media, staff at the Earle C. Clements center felt a deep desire to help. They immediately reached out the Job Corps region to get the green light to provide assistance to victims.

Center Director Amanda Curry says, “Let me begin by saying thank you to the entire regional office team for their support of our center.”

The center partnered with the local Walmart to use their parking lot as a location to collect donations. Earle C. Clements then drove their bus to Walmart where the center began collecting various emergency supplies from local residents.

“The community showed up quickly to donate items,” stresses Amanda. “In less than three hours on Saturday we filled the entire bus!”


The project was such a success, the center decided to do it again the next day. Within just one hour, the bus was once again full of emergency supplies donated by the Morganfield, Kentucky community.

“We had so many donations, we ran out of room in the bus and had to load items into a truck to get it back to the center where we sorted the many donations,” adds Amanda.

When the local fire department heard about the center’s efforts, they asked the center to deliver the items they had collected as well. The center was happy to help.

“The loss to the community is devastating,” says Amanda, “but it is so refreshing to see the support and people’s willingness to help others in need. We had so many donations, we had to move them all to a 28-foot semitruck in order to make the deliveries.”

Staff Load Donations onto Semi-truck

Students in the center’s heavy truck program were happy to assist and get the extra driving practice at the same time.