Edison Job Corps Students Build Home for Family in Need

Carpentry and bricklaying students from the Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey, demonstrated their skills by helping build a home for a family in need.

Kamili Williams, who’s with Habitat for Humanity, really appreciated the young volunteers.

“We’re really excited to have this budding partnership with Job Corps. Because, for us we need the help. And, these are students that are trained and are in the process of learning. And, the fact that we can give them a real-life experience is good. We have trained professionals that are here and our staff that are working closely with them.”

Kamili says they were fortunate to have skilled students support their project.

“They are very focused. And, they got right to work. You can tell this is not a game for them and that they’re really excited to be here. They have been like heads down, just doing what they have been assigned to do. It’s exciting to see. You know they look great, they have their uniforms on, they look really professional. I’m really excited about having them participate on an ongoing level with us.”