Electrical Union to Form New Partnership with Wilmington Delaware that will Benefit Students

Electrical Union to Form New Partnership with Wilmington Delaware that will Benefit Students

Taylyn Terrell enrolled at the Wilmington Job Corps Center in Delaware while working full-time at an office store. He was making minimum wage and was a major financial contributor in his household—paying bills and taking care of his parents.

“I wanted to make a change in my life,” he explained, “and felt like I was working at a dead-end job.” 

He came to Wilmington Job Corps determined to gain skills that would enable him to find and secure a good paying job.

Taylyn graduated from the facility maintenance program with industry-recognized credentials including NCCER, OSHA, and forklift.

CTT Instructor Michael Lumpkin said,

“Taylyn was one of the best students to come through this program. He was always on-time and followed the rules. He was hard working and willing to learn.” 

As a student, Taylyn participated in work-based learning at a local apartment complex. He enjoyed being able to use the property management and landscaping skills that he learned in the facilities maintenance program.

“Taylyn has a calm, respectful demeanor,” says Center Director Eva Howell, “everyone on center has nothing but positive things to say about Taylyn. He was determined to be successful from his first day in career preparation. He was punctual, well-dressed, polite, and respectful. We wish him the best.”

After graduation, Taylyn was selected to start an apprenticeship program through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 313. He was placed in a full-time position as an apprentice making $15 per hour.

Because of Taylyn’s skill level and dedication to the apprenticeship program, Local 313 decided to design a pre-apprenticeship program specifically for Wilmington Job Corps Center to smoothly transition students from the center to the apprenticeship program.