Employer Talks About a Recent Hire and Graduate of Earle C. Clements Job Corps

Ashley Francis is a supervisor at Thompson International, a company that provides the drilling industry with various products. She’s impressed with Brandon Lovell, a recent hire who was trained at MTC’s Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center.

“As soon as he came in, he was able to do the jobs that we needed him to.”

Brandon loves his new job and is making good financial progress at this stage of his life. “I’m glad I went to Job Corps because it opened up opportunities…I’m making more money than most people do right out of high school and college.”

Job Corps gave Brandon the tools he needed to launch a successful new career. Ashley recognizes the excellent training young people receive at Job Corps.

“It gives them experience, hands-on experience there, that way they’ll be ready when they’re going to a job…They come to us well trained, and we really don’t have to work with them as much as we would as someone that’s coming from somewhere else.”

Brandon knows he’s on the right track. “My family was really proud of me,” he says and thanks Job Corps for the chance to move ahead in life. He says a lot of young people could benefit from the program.

“Some people, they can’t afford to go to big colleges or universities.”

He’s fitting right in at his new job, and the company values his work ethic and contributions.

“He’s willing to do anything that I ask him to do,” says Ashley. “He’s willing to work overtime. Anytime I need him to stay late. He’s willing to come in on the weekends if I need him to. He’s willing to do that.”