Excelling in Auto Collision Repair at Springdale Job Corps

Oscar Sanez is a student at the Springdale Job Corps Center near Portland, Oregon. He moved to the Salem, Oregon from Guatemala two years ago and has been in Job Corps for a year.

“My Grandma told me about this program. She told me it’s a nice program to grow my skills and get better,” Oscar explained.

He has been busy learning English, technical training, and employability skills. And no one worked harder on their high School diploma than Oscar.

Cy Nelson, Oscar’s Instructor, proudly rattles off the list of Oscar’s accomplishments.

“PE, U.S. history, wellness, and the list goes on and on: geometry, algebra, and over 15 other things. Can you believe he’s already finished one trade and is halfway through this trade?”

Oscar quickly completed the Auto Body Paint program and now is working on Auto Body Collision Repair. He’s also been recognized by the center as student of the month and year when he received the dragon award. He volunteers, mentors, and has earned several trade certifications. So, what’s next?

“I’m working to get my driver’s license so maybe I can drive that.” (as he points at a little sports car the students have been working on)

“He has a willingness to learn, so it makes it fun for me, says Cy. “He’s never touched any of these tools before, and he just going for it. And, his repairs and his work are very clean and very nice. He’s using the program for everything and hopefully we can get him into the ACT program and do some college course classes.

And, Oscar says he is grateful. “It’s a good opportunity for people who don’t have enough money to get an education and even maybe go to college.”

It certainly sounds as if Oscar has everything going for him.

Cy Nelson thinks he does. “Hard worker, always here on time, always communicating, very respectful, very humble, willing to help others, always giving back, always. He’s always asking questions and practicing to be better,”