From Refugee Camps to a New Start in Life with Job Corps By Her Side

Video Recorded Before COVID-19

Paw Htoo spent many years in refugee camps in Taiwan growing up. She says now, after more than ten years in the United States, she is grateful for her new life and opportunities.

Still Paw
Paw Htoo

“I learned a lot of stuff, new language, a new environment, new houses. There’s no mud here, because there is a lot of mud in the refugee camps, a lot of mud.”

She finished high school but could not afford and did not have the confidence to go to college. So why Job Corps?

“Because this program really does help a lot of people and change a lot of people’s lives. Job Corps has the program and the skills I need for my future.”

Still Paw
Paw Htoo

She completed her office administration training at Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps in Minnesota and is preparing to go on to college.

“I want to get into law enforcement because that’s something I have always wanted to do. I think if I do it, it would be really cool, and I would get to know the community and the people around me.”

Her instructor, Harold Keyes, believes in her.

Still Paw
Paw Htoo

“I know she has been interested in law enforcement since she got here. She’s always talked about it. She told me she has an internship set up with the Saint Paul Police Department that she will be looking at when she leaves here. So, I know she will succeed in whatever she decides to do.”

Paw is the mother of two young sons. Her loving mother had no education. She says she feels lucky that she has the opportunity to set an example for her own kids.

“I want to be a different person for my kids. I want to be someone they can look up to. It’s important to me.”

She tells everyone she can, “This place, Job Corps, is amazing. Because when I first got here, I was nervous. I didn’t know anybody. But the teachers and the staff all came to me, and if I needed help, they would come to me and tell me everything will be fine, just keep working, and I don’t have to worry about anything else.”