Glossy Automotive Dreams: Lai’s Job Corps Journey

Lai Lian says Job Corps was one his best decisions. “Once you come here and choose your program and the trade you are in; you will love it. Especially the automotive industry, it is really fun having a career in this field.”

Still Lai
Lai Lian, Clearfield Job Corps

Lai Lian is a student at the Clearfield Job Corps center in Utah. “It is a really good program to be in.” he says.

Bob Beck works for UAW and is the Advanced Automotive Director at the Clearfield center.

“Job Corps is an awesome program. I think it’s a program that people don’t know enough about. The community needs to know what we have to offer so more students in the local area can benefit from our program.”

After graduating from high school in Dallas Texas, Lai’s brother Yaung told his little brother he should join him at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah. “Yea this is my brother he’s in the Toyota training trade. Our main goal after we finish the program is to own our own shops in the future, for ourselves. My brother actually did encourage me to be in the program here at Clearfield.”

They both love working on cars. I” have loved cars since I was young,” Lia says. “In auto body class we learn about painting and repairing cars.”

And there are no doubts about Lia’s energy and motivation. “I will do it. I will make it happen.  You can give yourself a shot. The main goal after I graduate from the program is to become a collision repair painter”

So, is Job Corps really an asset? “It definitely is. It’s helping me to get my career and a future for myself. And, I also have learned about many things in life.”

Still Lai
Lai Lian and brother Yaung