Hawaii Job Corps Graduate Launches New Career in Security

Hawaii Job Corps Graduate Launches New Career in Security

John Barcinas came to Hawaii Job Corps from the tiny island of Rota, just north of Guam. From the very first day with his admissions counselor, he was adamant about pursuing a career in the security industry. He quickly excelled in the center’s security technical training program. His instructor, Robert Dandrea, says, 

“John was studious, proactive, serious, and made the most of his time learning whatever he could. He wanted to earn every certification possible to help him achieve his goals, and he constantly pushed himself to make it happen.”

 John earned several certifications and learned many new skills through the Department of Emergency Management Community Emergency Response Training program. He obtained the Hawaii guard employee license and also earned the highly sought-after Hawaii firearms safety training certification. John also training in tactical self-defense, baton use, handcuffing, hand-held metal detection, fingerprinting , and CCTV monitoring.

These certifications and skills made John highly valuable in the job market. He graduated from the Hawaii Job Corps Center in August and was immediately hired as a full-time security officer with G4S Security making $15/hour for his starting wage.