He’s a Supervisor at a Large Security Firm Thanks to Brooklyn Job Corps

Dwayne Rodriguez has got a strong foothold in the security business.

“At this point, I’m like supervisor right now, so they’re always giving me work, always.”

He graduated from the Brooklyn Job Corps Center in 2016 and has been successful ever since.

“The work I’m getting, the pay is great. I’m able to save money. This year I’ve been able to travel a lot. So, I’ve been doing my traveling this year.”

Dwayne works for several large companies including CSC and CSS. It’s been an exciting and rewarding career having worked large venues like the New York City Fashion Show and the U.S. Open. It’s a far cry from what he was doing before Job Corps.

“I wasn’t really working or employed. So, I thought if I come here and get certified in certain things, I’ll be able to get employed.”

And he was right on. Dwayne earned several certifications without which he never would have been hired by these large security firms. He says Job Corps was his ticket to success.

“Yes, yes, definitely. I would say this program helped me for the better because I was able to get a lot of certifications in homeland security.”

Not only did Brooklyn Job Corps give him certifications, it also gave him other skills that were just as vital.

“Here I opened up. I became a people-person, and that’s how I was able to get jobs, become supervisor and go on from there.”

He says Job Corps has everything a young person needs to succeed in the workforce.

“Even from the beginning, they’ll help them shape them up on going out on interviews, helping with their resumes, their people skills: how they communicate with people.”