Why Should I Hire You? That’s the Question at the Shriver Job Corps Center

Meet Melissa Graf, center director at the Shriver Job Corps Center in northern Massachusetts.

“Who’s the winner? Who’s the winner?,” ask Melissa as she enters a classroom.

Every day, Melissa recognizes students who are working hard and on the right track. Then, she challenges them to tell her why anyone should hire them.


Why should we hire you,” ask Melissa. “Because I’m a hard worker,” responds one student. “I get things done. I do what I’m told to do in the workplace.”

It’s part of the high five program Melissa created, and students never know when they’ll be in the hot seat!

“Why do I want to hire you? Why do I want you on my team? Why do I need you to fix my car?”

The program pushes students to really think about their strengths and how they’ll benefit their future employers.

“You should hire me,” says Nestly Lewis, “because I will always be on time. I will always complete the job.”

These students are working hard to gain valuable skills including communication skills that will help them find and keep good jobs.

Job Corps has opened the door to a new world for students like Jean Torres.

“Job Corps means the world to me.”

Student Kevin Hernandez adds, “I’m here at Job Corps, advanced training, because I want to further improve myself. I came to Job Corp realizing that I want to take advantage of the program so that way I can further improve my financial career and so I can actually build a career off of work and training.”

For these students, Job Corps puts them on the path to a better life.

“The reason why I’m here is because I grew up in a tough neighborhood, and I’m just here to change my life around,” says Nesty Lewis.

“I’m going to be gaining a career pathway,” emphasizesMoses Soka, “that will help me to be a better person.”

Elias Flores echoes that thought.

“Job Corps means a lot to me. For me, it’s an opportunity to better yourself for the future. Right now I’m doing carpentry so I can get a really good job that’s well paying, has lots of benefits, so I can hopefully start a family in the future and be able to live a successful life.”

Frank Muyage is the transportation program, and he sees a great future.

“The transportation program not only includes great benefits, but it does include great career opportunities for myself and other people who are inside of this program.”

“Job Corps is a huge opportunity and it’s a great way to be successful,” adds Jacob Hickman.