How Mindset Unlocks Success Through Job Corps

Job Corps students love talking about Job Corps. They love to speak up about how good the program has been for them, and it’s changed their lives. Here are what these Job Corps students think of their experience:

Kelly feels Job Corps provided her with a renewed outlook. “Job Corps is a second chance,” Kelly explained. “It’s an opportunity for me to level up in my career and actually do something with my life.

Job Corps was a complete game-changer for Ricky. “Now that I’ve come here, everything is completely different, Ricky said, “Because I’m completely focused on my life.”

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Ricky, Job Corps student

Luisa’s Job Corps experience provided her with strength. “This opportunity has made me more motivated to succeed and exceed my expectations of what I thought that I can do,” Luisa said

Job Corps has positively impacted Sonya in multiple ways. “It has helped me gain a lot of skills for the workplace—and personal skills,” Sonya explained.

For Armanie, Job Corps has fueled his determination. “I don’t want to become another statistic,” Armanie said. “I want to be better than what my parents were and to just be better for myself and my future family.”

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Armanie, Job Corps student

Job Corps provided Valarie with a vision for her life. “At the end of Job corps, I will have a better future,” Valarie said.

Marquise feels you get out of Job Corps what you put into it. “Job corps came through for me, and I’m sure it will come through for anyone else who gets it their best shot and gives it their one-hundred percent,” Marquise exclaimed.